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Mendi Msimang Innovation Hub

In a world that is fast-tracked to global disaster due to highly exploitative agricultural methods, we exist to deliver harvested crops that attempt to follow the best sustainable practice.We started this company as an operation to deliver premium hemp. Today, we still deliver on that promise, but we’ve also added soyabeans, maize, vegetables, microgreens and poultry to that ever-expanding list of fresh foods and raw materials. Most of what we do is organic & we excel at innovating ways to lessen the strain on our environment. We value transparency at every stage of our production, sharing with our customers how their eggs arrive at the table to how their hemp is extracted. For us, health does not begin and end with what we produce but radiates throughout our corporate structure. Our employees, clients and wider communities are all part of an ecosystem that speaks to vitality and sustainability.
In 2019, the family’s agricultural business Mendi Msimang Innovation Hub (MMIH) Pty Ltd was born. It was named after Mendi Msimang, a South African liberation fighter, who tirelessly campaigned for the freedom of his fellow South Africans from the grip of colonial apartheid. In many ways, the company exists to continue his vision to restore dignity to many South Africans through its dedication to sustainable agricultural practices. Food sovereignty and green business are at the core of what we do.
What our clients need, we supply. For our industrial hemp, we are servicing the demand of both the local and international market. For our soybeans, maize, poultry and other fresh vegetables, we supply the local markets, including Fruit&Veg, OK Foods, Afgri and several local hotels and restaurants.

Mission, Vision, Values

Mission statement

We exist to promote sustainability, innovation and inclusivity in every aspect of our business.

Vision statement:

We envision a world where restorative agriculture and food sovereignty are central to the conducting of agribusiness.


• Diversity

• Equity

• Inclusion

• Transparency

• Community involvement

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Joining our database allows us to contact you when we have new Agronomic training, value chain development and financial or digital literacy . Please be assured we do not sell, lease, swap, or share your information. Your information is always kept confidential and is used only by Mendi Msimang Innovation Hub